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  • Coil Lifter Annual Safety Inspection
    Coil Lifter Annual Safety Inspection
    Technical Loadarm

    Coil Lifter Annual Safety Inspection

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      The MOL, CSA, OHSA and ANSI, ASME and OSHA are North American governing bodies which legislate that inspections be performed at regular service intervals.
      • Annual Coil Lifter Inspections are Required by law in North America
      • Laws and standards are frequently advocated through legislative inspection audits
      • Our Certified TLL Technicians evaluate ALL required inspection points

      Technical Loadarm is an independent safety auditor. Unlike our competitors we are only interested in equipment as it is. Our techs have no incentive to fail products in order to up-sell equipment repairs.

      Immediately after the inspections are complete you will receive your certifications and will be in compliance with the Ministry of Labor and Government Law & Regulations