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  • Non Destructive Testing= Cracked Mount Bracket

    What are we looking at?
    A cracked mount bracket weld [the red line] on a front end loader

    What caused it?
    This crack was found on a near 15 year old unit. No operator error caused this crack. Years or wear and tear accumulated on this stress point, the mount bushing, which led to this stress crack.

    What could prevent this?

    Controlled, slow pace when operating the bucket or other attachments, when traveling with the unit both loaded and unloaded, and ensuring proper bucket height while traveling with the loader, will help ease the stress on the unit.

    And though it may not make sense with the beating these machines take daily, keeping clean & fresh paint around the stress points, [mount & pivot points, and arms] can help identify issues. Seeing the paint “flex” or “bulge” a certain way is usually an indicator of an underlying issue.

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