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  • Important Safety Notice


    1018534 1” 8.50t G-209 Shackle

    1018543 1” 8.50t S-209 Shackle

    With Production Identification Codes (PIC) TXJ as located on the shackle bow


    February 4, 2022

    Dear Valued End User of Crosby Products:

    THE CROSBY GROUP has determined the above listed screw pin anchor shackles may have a condition that can reduce the ultimate load capacity from the published catalog values. The shackle bow may have a previously undetected indication, and continued use may result in loss of load, property damage, severe injury, or death.

    By use of the Production Identification Code (PIC) symbols appearing on the product, we have determined the 1” 8.5t screw pin anchor shackles with PIC TXJ shown on the bow may have this condition. See below image showing the position of the PIC on the bow. No other sizes or PICs are part of this Important Safety Notice. The potentially impacted products were shipped from Crosby between November 23, 2021, and January 28, 2022.

    In the event you do have any 1” 8.5t shackles with PIC TXJ, we request you to remove them from service, and arrange for return and replacement. To return these products, please contact your Crosby Distributor. For more information concerning this Important Safety Notice, contact Technical Support at 1-800-220-8509 or crosbytechsupport@thecrosbygroup.com.

    Please inform your customer(s) of this Important Safety Notice, or if you know of other users of the 1” 8.5t screw pin anchor shackles, please pass this notice on to that user, company, or firm.

    We regret the inconvenience this may cause you and your organization and thank you for your cooperation. We are committed to providing you with the absolute best in Crosby quality.

    This letter was put out by THE CROSBY GROUP

    Crosby Shackle

    For more information please click here to contact them directly.

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