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  • Canadian Industrial Racking Inspection Requirements 2022

    With so many different government regulations regarding workplace equipment, ensuring that your company is complying can be a daunting task. Don’t worry, we understand your pain. In this article Technical Loadarm will break down and simplify what exactly you need to do to comply with all federal & local government regulations.  



    We at Technical Loadarm have been working with major companies across North America since 1986:




    The US Army


    Air Canada  



    We have been pioneers in lifting device safety and have been contributing to writing government regulations over the years.


    When it comes to industrial racking safety and inspection requirements in Canada, here is everything you need to know.


    The CSA references: As per regulation A344.1 which was updated in 2017 from the previous A344.1 from 2005…. “An expert inspector is a specialist under the supervision of a professional engineer”.


    Although regular weekly and monthly in-house inspections are recommended, excessive wear and tear can happen over the span of a year. Following a simple weekly checklist, will help you catch potential hazards and prevent workplace accidents.


    Furthermore, the workplace must be inspected, workers must be trained, and the racking must be maintained in good condition. Please refer to OSHA Regulation 851 for more detail.






    Q: Does Technical Loadarm conduct annual safety inspections with trained persons so that my company can comply with OSHA/OHSA regulations?


    A: Yes, Technical Loadarm has the certified and trained professionals available so that your company will be following all local and federal safety regulations within North America


    Q: Does Technical Loadarm repair damaged racking that does not meet the inspection requirements?


    A: No, Technical Loadarm is an independent safety auditor. Therefore, we are trusted by many of the large industrial facilities. However, we do have good relationships with various competent suppliers, and we will be happy to connect you.


    Q: Do you provide engineering services?


    A: Yes, we have staff engineers that can perform any engineering and provide capacity ratings. Often maintenance employees will make repairs in house and that’s great but once any repairs or alterations have been made from the original steel racking, engineering will certify the correct capacity under federal law.




    The RMI or Rack Manufactures Institute calls for inspection on various occasions and can also be found in ANSI MH16.2 Section 4.1 For the Use of Industrial and Commercial Steel Storage Racks – A Manual of Safety Practices/ A Code of Safety Practices states… Inspection Program: Planned Maintenance. Inspection programs will vary in accordance with the size of each rack installation and the use to which it is intended. Visual inspection should be made on a timely basis to ensure the integrity of the racks. Personnel should be encouraged and expected to report any damage to the racks at the time of occurrence. For example, one of the various causes for concern is mentioned in section 3.13 “Hazard Description- Beam spreading is the result of overloading a set of beams, causing deformation at the connection and pulling away from the upright column. This is usually caused by shocking, overloading, and represents a potential for serious damage to the rack structure and possible collapse.  Solution- a routine inspection is called for. …”


    Technical Loadarm is here to help. Our certified technicians can come directly to your facility and work around production conducting inspections on your racking to make sure your company complies in accordance with all government regulations.

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