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  • 7 Essential Lift Chain Safety Practices

    Lift Chain Safety

    When lifting heavy loads with chains, safety must be a priority. By following a few simple guidelines you can ensure a safe work environment for you and your coworkers. The following illustrates how to use the lift chain properly.

    1. Avoid sudden jerks when lifting or lowering. Sudden jerks of the chains can add extra pressure potentially causing it to break
    2. Free the chain free from all kinks and knots. When a chain is twisted or knotted it puts the pulling stress onto areas of each link that are not designed to withstand those forces.
    3. Balance all loads! When a load isn’t balanced properly it affects a chains lifting capacity greatly.
    4. Do not drop the load on the chain! This can cause damage to the chain which could result in failure during a lift.
    5. Center the load on the hook. This allows for an even distribution of weight
    6. Never overload ! The rated capacity is there for a reason
    7. Use pads around sharp corners. Chain pressure on sharp corners of a load can cause dangerous wear on lift chains

    Make sure to follow these 7 simple but crucial lift chain safety practices constantly to ensure work place safety. Failing to adhere to any of these guidelines could potentially end in a harmful work place accident.

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